Here are some commonly asked questions

You have to buy your subscription in the Services area, where you can choose a Monthly, a Three-monthly or a Lifetime plan.

Once the payment is done, you will receive an email confirming your subscription and another email with the Telegram Access Link to the service you have chosen (check your spam mailbox as well).

VIP subscriptions can be paid with:

-Credit/Debit Card

While in the Free channel we send 2-3 weekly Crypto/Forex signals, in each VIP group we send 15-20 weekly signals.

Also, the VIP groups include:

-Auto trading supported
-Personalized attention
-A full guidance to follow our signals step by step, written in English & Spanish

Don’t worry! Many clients have been investing with us for a long time and they started from zero.

We have three guides in the Get Started area, one for Forex, other for Crypto Futures and other for Crypto Spot, so you can learn everything about these financial markets and also learn how to follow our signals successfully.

Of course! We want our clients to be able to test our signals and analysis before buying the VIP subscription, so we send 2-3 weekly signals in the Free group and weekly reports of each VIP group.

In addition, you will also find Customer reviews of the latest VIP signals and videos of the VIP channels from inside.

Join Free channel

You have to create an account with a Broker that you will later connect to the platform on which you invest (MetaTrader4/5). This process is explained step by step in the Forex guide (Get Started area).

Although there are many Brokers and you can invest with anyone you prefer, we recommend PEPPERSTONE due to its ease of use, its low spreads, the free education they offer and its 24/7 customer support.

Platforms to trade Crypto:

Bybit. You will find how to use it and how to follow our signals step by step in our Crypto guide (Get Started area).

Platforms to trade Forex:

-MetaTrader4 (MT4) or MetaTrader5 (MT5), which are practically the same and for which we have also explained how to use them and how to follow our signals step by step in the Forex guide.

Yes, VIP clients have auto trading available in both Crypto and Forex services so that our signals are automatically executed in their accounts.

In the Crypto services, we support Cornix.

-Website: https://cornix.io

-Explanatory video to learn how to configure and use it: Access to the Video

-If you have any doubt about Cornix, contact their support: @cornix_tech_support_bot

In the Forex service, we use TelegramFxCopier.

-Website: https://telegramfxcopier.io

-Explanatory videos on how to configure and use it: Access to the Helpdesk

-You can also talk to their support for any other questions @tgfxcopier

⚠️ AutoTrading services are not included in the VIP Access Price. They are external companies with their own services.

The main difference is the risk and consequently the money you can earn.

In the Crypto Futures group, we use a 10x leverage, so clients assume a higher risk but, at the same time, they obtain faster profits to grow their portfolios.

The Crypto Spot group is meant to be a complementary service for clients with medium-big capitals (minimum $1000) who want to assume a low risk and grow their portfolios in the mid-long term. In the Crypto Spot group we use a 1x leverage and we only use 1 Take Profit and 1 Stop Loss per signal.

We ensure that our clients from all over the world can invest all the signals we send, that is why we send our signals during the day, although we have most of the activity from 10am to 10pm in the time zone UTC+1.

Also, the timezone issue can be solved by using the Auto trading Bots we support in both VIP channels.

We publish our weekly results in the Stats Group.

The profits are indicative and may differ a little bit between traders, depending on the trading strategy you use and the risk you want to assume.

WolfxSignals has been active as a company since 2019, and all our traders have been operating in the financial markets for more than 6 years.

Also, WolfxSignals has always been characterized for being transparent, by sending signals in the Free channel so that all the members can try them before joining the VIP groups.

The advantage of using 3 Take Profits is that each client can use its own strategy and manage the risk they want to take in the best possible way.

In addition, in the guides of the Get Started area, we explain some of the most used strategies and the ones you can apply to manage Take Profits.

Also, if you’re a VIP member you can ask for personalized Take Profit management, to make sure the risk you are assuming is correct.

The earnings of our clients are not always the same for everyone. While we have clients who earn more than $1000 weekly, there are others who earn $50-100 every week. This is because profits depend on two factors: Invested Capital and Risk

-Capital: although we recommend to start with more than $100, you can start with a different amount as long as you feel comfortable with the first signals that you have invested with us.

-Risk: the risk will be transcendental for the profits you will have. The more risk you take, the greater your profits will be, but so will be your losses, so managing the 3 Take Profits and the Stop Loss well (as we explain in the guides) is essential.

⚠️Remember that you will have personalized risk management advice if you are a VIP member.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in the My Account area.

In this way, you will not be charged for the next period in any way. In addition, you can access the Premium group until the period of your subscription ends.


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